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This project is currently on pause. We hope to resume progress in Q3 of 2024. 

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Our Mission: To amplify the thrill of flight and revolutionize aviation intelligence with secure, innovative ADS-B solutions. We're fostering a rewarding, engaging experience for users while safeguarding data integrity. Through gamified engagement, we transform data contribution into an immersive, rewarding endeavor. With each flight tracked, we're driving new insights, enhancing data standards, and fostering a more inclusive future for aviation.

A user friendly onboarding experience.

You shouldn't have to build the device to supply the data. We are making it easy for anyone to contribute. 

Open-source and community driven.

Embrace the power of collaboration with our open-source, community-driven platform. Our device features a development port, inviting everyone to contribute, innovate, and build on our technology. Be part of a dynamic ecosystem where transparency fuels growth and every contribution matters. Join us and help shape the future of aviation intelligence.

Data solutions for your ADS-B needs.

Revolutionize your ADS-B data exchange with our innovative solutions. Monetize your contributions through trading or collaborate in co-ops. Experience a rewarding aviation journey where you're in control. Turn your ADS-B data into an asset and explore new opportunities today.

Increased customer satisfaction.

We're reinventing ADS-B aggregation with a commitment to customer satisfaction. While traditional aggregators exploit data with little in return, we strive to revolutionize the industry's practices. Our approach ensures contributors are rewarded and valued, turning data exchange from a one-sided transaction into a mutually beneficial relationship. Experience a new standard in ADS-B aggregation with us.

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